Find out the 6 things I wish I had known before I built a website

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Sencery is a genius when it comes to WordPress! I’m self-taught when it comes to WP, and always took the learn-as-I-go approach as I don’t have a tech background. But often, you can’t figure it out on your own. That’s where Sencery comes in. The way that she teaches WordPress is so easy to understand! She takes you through things step by step so that you’re not overwhelmed by the process. Thanks to Sencery, even a non-techie like me can edit, change and create things on my WordPress site!

~ Alicia Jay, Biz Coach,

I had a website with the Genesis Theme by Studio Press and did not know how to change anything on the front page.  I had Sencery look over my site and do an evaluation of what was on there and what I needed to update or add. She then set up a Skype appointment with me and then screen shared her screen and went through the Dashboard-backend of my Website and showed me how to get into the front page and make changes. It was so simple, and she took enough time with me so that I could write down notes. She was amazing and easy to understand. I would highly recommend.

~ Elizabeth Hughes-Callsion,  It’s Mother’s Turn

Are you just starting your new business adventure and want to get the website part knocked out?

Is building your website starting to feel like the red-headed stepchild of your new business venture?

Do you want to “Do It Yourself” without drowning in a sea of information and tech overload?

When you think of trying to have a DIY website, do you experience any of these emotions?

  • Overwhelm
  • Anxiety
  • Confusion
  • Frustration
Yeah, so did I when I tried to build my first website in 2013.
But guess what? YOU don’t have to continue feeling that way!
All of those things basically come from one root issue - FEAR of the unknown *cue scary music*
Let’s make the unknown known - take away the mystery - that’s what WordPress Coaching is all about!

Advantages of WordPress Coaching


Saves Time

All resources are in one place so there’s no need to spend hours (and days) searching for YouTube tutorials, free courses, and blog posts how-to’s.



Personalized instruction so your needs are met and questions are answered based on your specific situation instead of a general circumstance.

Saves Money

You don’t need to hire a web designer to create, change, update or maintain your website for you over the long term because you can do it yourself!