There are usually two questions on the top of a new entrepreneur’s mind.

  1. Do I really need a website?
  2. What the heck do I put on my website?

If you’ve had one or both of these thoughts…read on!!


Basically, there are three main reasons in a nutshell why you would want to have a website for your business:

  1. Tell people who you are, what you do, why you do it, and how you can solve their problem.
  2. Give potential clients a way to easily contact you.
  3. Share useful information, tools, and resources with people.


Now that you know the WHY, it’s time to figure out the WHAT.

There are four pages that I consider crucial to any website…the standard, so to speak. I do have to make a note here, that you can have a one page website that still has these four main sections to it as well.

I bet you’re thinking, “Get on with it Sencery…sheesh!” So here we go…


#1 – The Home Page

This is where your visitors will land. Did you know that you only have 8 seconds to grab their attention? Yep…I said seconds. Research shows that is the average human attention span. The average attention span of a goldfish is 9 seconds. Kinda scary, right? But I digress…

It’s really important that you have a home page that clearly answers two main questions:

  • What is your website about? (Translation: Can you help me fix my problem?)
  • What do I do next? (Translation: I want your help. How can I get it?)

On your home page you need to show them that YOU know what their problem is and YOU can give them relief!! Isn’t that why you got into business in the first place? To help people with your skills??? Yeah, me too. 🙂


#2 – The Services/Products/Work With Me Page

When visitors read your home page (because you grabbed their attention and showed that you could provide a solution for their problem in the first 8 seconds of them getting to your site), they are going to ask the next logical question which is, “What services/products do you offer, and how much do you charge for it?”

Make sure that your services/products are easy to find and read about on your website. You don’t want to have one long page of paragraphs that detail every single part of every single service that you offer. People will get bored and wander off… Squirrel!

Try to use sections and chunk text. Keep it short and sweet. If they want more details, they can contact you (some good foreshadowing for ya there on what’s yet to come in this post). 

Let’s say they are totally excited at this point because they can quickly see that your services are EXACTLY what they need! But before the heavens open and angels start to sing…they have the next question… How much is all this gonna cost me?

$$$ Pricing
You’re going to find (if you haven’t already) that there are people on both sides of the fence about whether to post prices or not. Some do, some don’t. You just have to figure out what works best for you.

Some of that will be dependent on whether you are running a service-based business or a product-based business. Of course you want to have prices on your products…not having them would be counterproductive. (I think I just saw Captain Obvious walk by…)

You’ve grabbed their attention and let them know that YOU can help them solve their issue. You’ve wowed them with your amazing services and products that you offer. If you’ve put pricing on your site, then they are excited that you actually have options within their budget range. So what’s next?

They are going to ask the question, “Who IS this person, really????”


#3 – The About Page

Now, I’ve seen people get really creative with that depending on their style and personality. Not everyone calls it an “About” page. But whatever you call it, you NEED it. People want to know about who you are to get a better sense of whether they want to work with you or not. So here’s your big chance!

People want to work with someone that they know, like and trust. Never heard of the KLT factor? Now you have!  

One of the biggest things about your about page (see what I did there?) is to have a picture of YOU on it!! Let people know what you look like. The whole “put a face to a name” thing. It helps them to connect with you. Tell them your story and give some insight into you!

Once you’ve given your visitors all this important information above using your well crafted Home, Services/Products, and About pages, you have to make sure that they can get in touch with you easily! This is the day and age of instant gratification, right?


#4 – The Contact Page

This makes it simple for people to shoot you an email or maybe even schedule an appointment with you if you’re using some type of calendar feature on your website.

It’s great to have your email and phone number on your website, but sometimes people have to search for that. The contact page is like an EASY button for them. When they have the thought, “I’d really like to email them,” then the contact page is ready and waiting to connect them to you.

There ya have it! The four crucial pages to include when you build your website. Think of them as a foundation. 

BUT WAIT! There’s more!

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