Learn WordPress and Create Your Starter Website!

What will I learn in the Simplified Website Creation System™ Course?



  • Some basic branding (colors, style, fonts) so that we have continuity in the website.
  • How to choose/purchase a domain name.
  • How to purchase/set up hosting account with Siteground.
  • How to install WordPress.


  • How to use WordPress.
  • How to create and design pages and posts.
  • How to add a basic contact form so people can contact you.


  • How to pick and install a theme.
  • How to customize the theme.


What is the Simplified Website Creation System™ Course?

It’s a beginner level course that teaches you how to create a starter WordPress website from scratch using a 3 phase system: Prep, Practice, and Personalize

Is it a good fit for me?

Yes if…

  • you want to start a blog
  • you have a service based business and need an online space that you own (not social media) for people to find you and contact you
  • you have no experience with websites
  • you’re not “techie”

No if…

  • you want to sell physical products on your website
  • you already have a website and just want to learn how to connect your Email Service Provider (like Mail Chimp or ConvertKit)
  • you want to learn how to build a Wix, Weebly, or Squarespace website
Do I have to have images and copy (the words) for my website before we start?

Nope! We will be using “place holder” images and text as we learn how to create the site (Practicing!)

Can I take it if I already have a WordPress website and just want to learn more?


  • If you already have a domain/hosting account/theme, then things may look different – but you can still learn how to use WordPress which will help you make changes to your existing website.