Tools I Use

This page has all the good stuff that I currently use or have used in my business that I’d like to share with you! I have personally used and recommend everything that you see on this page. They are my faves!

Many of these links are my affiliate links and I receive a commission if they’re used, but you will never be charged more for using my link.

Website Hosting

Siteground is the BEST hosting company I have found. They have top notch customer service which is extremely important to me. Their prices are fantastic as well. 

Astra – Beginner WordPress Theme

Astra is lightweight, fast, and the easiest theme to customize with the most options in the free version that I have found. I recommend this to beginners and it is what I use in my course that teaches how to build a WordPress website for beginners. 

Divi – Intermediate WordPress Theme

Divi is the theme that I use on all of the websites that I build. It is a “drag and drop” theme with a page builder (like using Lego blocks), which means you can customize any page that you decide to build with it. It’s extremely versatile in what you can do with it. The possiblities are endless!

Graphic Design

I use Canva for all of my graphics including any social media posts, covers, YouTube thumbnails for videos, and graphics I use on my website. 

Image Resizing

Landscape from Sprout Social is a great tool that can take one image and automatically resize it for any social media platform you want to post it on. It saves time because you don’t have to figure out what size to make an image for Facebook, LinkedIn, or other social media accounts. 

Image Resizing

Pic Resize is another tool I use often to resize an image to fit in a specific place on a website. It’s handy if you already know you need it to be one specific size.

Recording Software

Screencast-o-matic is FANTASTIC! It’s highly affordable and has all sorts of cool features. I use it for all of my video recording and editing needs. 

Video Storage

I like Vimeo for storing my videos mainly because of the security controls it offers. The part where I get to customize my video player is pretty cool, too.

Password Manager

This is amazing. I only have to remember one password and this stores all of my other passwords with super tight security and all kinds of other private top secret info. I have the paid plan so that I can sync it across all of my devices including my phone. 

Project Management

I’m a Post-It Note kind of gal. Trello is the electronic version of having white boards with colorful Post-It Notes all on them, except it keeps it in one spot, you never lose them, and you can move them all over with a couple clicks of a button!

Email Service Provider

I discovered MailerLite when I was looking for an affordable email service that included landing pages, automation, segmentation, workflows, and all the things. It’s free up to 1,000 subscribers, so it was a great alternative to some of the other more costly ones. Their customer service is fantabulous and so is their help sections with videos and all!

File Storage and Organization

Love me some Google Drive! It’s so convenient since it’s attached to my Google account with Gmail, Google Calendar, and YouTube which are all apps I use. I did have to upgrade my storage limit, but it was for a small annual fee, and I still haven’t come close to using it all yet! 

CRM/Accounting/Other Stuff

Dubsado is a little hard to explain. I use it for all of my accounting, set up workflows, contracts, packages, invoicing, forms, questionnaires, appointment scheduling… the list goes on. You really just have to check this one out for yourself – I can’t do it justice in this little space!

Video Conferencing

Zoom is what I am now using for all of my video conferencing needs – especially now that I do group coaching. I like to be able to screen share, see everyone, and talk with everyone in Zoom meetings, as well as use the webinar feature it has. 


Appointment Scheduling

Before I started using Dubsado, I was using Calendly for all of my appointment scheduling. I like that it has a free plan to start and is very easy to use. You can send your scheduling link in an email or even embed your scheduler on your website!