Learn WordPress and Create Your Starter Website!

Spring 2020 Session Now Closed

Here’s what my students are saying!


Baby step videos… dang they are awesome! LOVED IT… The simple small bite sized videos were perfect! For a non-techie person it was seriously awesome!!! Thank you… Now I gotta get back to layout and finalize! So worth the time to take this course. Totally appreciated it!!! You did a very very amazing job. Such a simple course with a complex problem I had. it broke everything down in bite size pieces so I can actually achieve it with no problems. That is amazing!

~ Anna LaLonde


Your explanation of the entire side panel was so good, but the settings part was most helpful for me. When I click on a tab, it is nice to know what it is for, as the explanations on the pages that open up when I click on them are not understandable to me sometimes. 

~ Rhonda Dalton


Since you break the videos down per section and they are short and to the point it was easy for me to watch one and then open my website and review. It helped me to see it and then practice quickly. Your videos are a huge help because I can watch it and then open my website in a second screen to walk myself through as well.The branding workbook is my favorite, and I liked the help with free images.

~ Carlotta Brooks


Never having built or worked on a website before, it was insightful but not too overwhelming. It was helpful having each step broken down and not having all the information thrown at me at once. Now I know where everything is rather than clicking around on my own trying to find everything. It was helpful to learn the basics on branding, too. 

~ Emma Thureson


I love how you show the screen in the videos so we can see exactly what it should look like. And your passion for helping us shines through!! 

~ Cathy Booth


My new practice site and my mommy blog both look better! Thank you! This is so helpful!

~ April Smith


The ease and simplicity of the first steps were awesome!

~ Farah Sultan


Your encouragement, patience, knowledge and detail were very helpful. You made it much more doable.

~ Mary Glass

What will I learn in the Simplified Website Creation System™ Program?



  • We are going to make some decisions and do a little planning for your website. You wouldn’t build a house without a plan, right? Same thing for your website – let’s get a vision!
  • How to choose/purchase your website name (called a domain name).
  • How to purchase/set up hosting account with Siteground (because I use them for all my website projects and they’re awesome).
  • How to install WordPress on your new hosting account.


  • We’re going to get into your new website, see what everything does (learn about the WordPress Dashboard).
  • We’re going to install a theme (this is what helps make your website pretty) and learn how to create a demo website to play around with.
  • We’re going to practice using all the tools and neat stuff in there and practice creating a page.
  • By the time we’re done with this, you’re going to be comfortable and confident on exactly how to use WordPress to create your website.


  • We’re going to make your website beautimous by learning how to customize the theme we are using.
  • We will use the things we learned in the Prep and Practice steps to add your own personal flair to your website.
  • I’m going to give you a few pro ninja tips in this section as well so you can take your website to the next level!

What makes this program different from all the other courses out there?

The coaching!

  • When I was learning how to create my business website, I was spending hours on YouTube piecing it together and didn’t have anyone to ask questions to. It was a very frustrating experience, not to mention a lonely one.
  • During the 5 weeks of the program, you not only get the course, but you get access to a private Facebook group where I will be HIGHLY active and available to you to answer ALL of your questions!
  • It’s a safe space to learn, celebrate our wins, show off our new website design mad skills, and do this thing TOGETHER – we all need support, especially when we are learning something new.


What is the Simplified Website Creation System™ Program?

It’s a beginner level course with coaching that teaches you how to create a starter WordPress website from scratch using a 3 phase system: Prep, Practice, and Personalize

Is it a good fit for me?

Yes if…

  • You have a service based business and need an online space that you own (not social media) for people to find you and contact you.
  • You want to start a blog.
  • You have no experience with websites.
  • You’re not “techie.”

No if…

  • You want to sell physical products on your website.
  • You already have a website and just want to learn how to connect your Email Service Provider (like Mail Chimp or ConvertKit).
  • You want to learn how to build a Wix, Weebly, or Squarespace website.
Can I take it if I already have a WordPress website and just want to learn more?
  •  This course isn’t a good fit for you.
  • This program is made for people who are starting from scratch. If you already have a domain/hosting account/theme, then it will be difficult for you to follow along since you will not have a website to practice on.
  • Don’t be discouraged! If you really want to learn how to use your WordPress website and how to make changes to it yourself, then contact me and we can chat about your options.
Do I have to have images and copy (the words) for my website before we start?

Nope! We will be using “place holder” images and text as we learn how to create the site (Practicing!)

Now is your time to get your website done the easy way.

I only offer this program 4 times a year ~

Join me and let’s do it together!

The Simplified Website Creation System™ Program includes:

  • Lifetime access to the Simplified Website Creation System™ Course including future updates to the course
  • Private Facebook group during the 5 weeks of the program for group coaching with me, answers to all of your questions, and a supportive and fun community to learn and grow with

Don’t wait! Let’s take your website from none to done!