Personalized WordPress Coaching
Are you just starting your new business adventure and want to get the website part knocked out?
Is building your website starting to feel like the red-headed stepchild of your new business venture?
Do you want to “Do It Yourself” without drowning in a sea of information and tech overload?
When you think of trying to have a DIY website, do you experience any of these emotions?
Yeah, so did I when I tried to build my first website in 2013.
But guess what? YOU don’t have to continue feeling that way!
All of those things basically come from one root issue – FEAR of the unknown *cue scary music*
Let’s make the unknown known – take away the mystery – that’s what WordPress Coaching is all about!
This coaching package walks you through branding your business (choosing logo, colors, fonts, and the look and feel of it) to having a finished website including some extras that you need like security, a contact form and a way to keep pesky spammers off of your site.
If you already have your branding down pat for your business, then this is the coaching package for you. You can jump right into the nitty gritty of creating your website with the nifty extras included in the From Branding to Booyah package.
Need just the basics right now? This coaching package will walk you through branding your business and creating your website without all the extras in the other two packages.
If those three packages aren’t quite a perfect fit, or if you already have a website that you need some help with, then you need a Tailor-Made coaching experience. Feel free to check out the complete list of options to choose from!

Got questions? Check out the FAQ's below.

If you don't find your answer down there, you can always contact me here!

Will you create the wording on my website for me?

Copywriting ~ creating all the words to go on your website ~ isn't part of what these coaching packages include. These packages are  more of tech-based help. However, if you already have things written that you want to put on your website, I could help you go over it and edit it.

For that type of help, the best bet would be to have a separate 30 minute coaching session to work on that aspect of your website together. You can find more information on that on the "Give Me Tailor-Made" page.

What if I don’t have all the content written yet for my website?

No worries! We will use something called dummy text to copy and paste into the places where you will want text so you can still see what it will look like. Then you just replace it later with what YOU wrote.

What if I don't have all of the pictures for my website yet?

I have some resources for free images that I will teach you how to use. Then you can always change out the pictures later on as needed!

What if I'm not sure what package is right for me?

Not a problem! Before any package is selected, I always have a 15 minute free strategy session call with you so that we can clarify what your needs are and make sure that you get a package that fits you perfectly.