This package is for you if...

  • The other packages didn’t quite fit what you want.
  • You’d like to see ALL of the options available and create your own coaching experience.
  • You already have a WordPress website and just have some questions and need some help.
  • You’re tired of “Googling it”
  • Binge watching YouTube videos to figure out how to do this on your own is getting old.
What makes this different than buying a DIY website course or signing up for a free course?
  • You’ll have one-on-one, personalized, LIVE (not recorded) guided help through the entire process (think of me as your website Yoda, but not green and easier to understand)
  • You’ll get to ask as many questions as you want to and get the answers that are specific to your situation.
  • You’ll receive personalized tutorial videos that you can keep and refer back to as many times as you need to (good news if you don’t have a super-photographic memory)
Sencery is a genius when it comes to WordPress! I’m self-taught when it comes to WP, and always took the learn-as-I-go approach as I don’t have a tech background. But often, you can’t figure it out on your own. That’s where Sencery comes in. The way that she teaches WordPress is so easy to understand! She takes you through things step by step so that you’re not overwhelmed by the process. Thanks to Sencery, even a non-techie like me can edit, change and create things on my WordPress site!

~ Alicia Jay, Biz Coach,

I had a website with the Genesis Theme by Studio Press and did not know how to change anything on the front page.  I had Sencery look over my site and do an evaluation of what was on there and what I needed to update or add. She then set up a Skype appointment with me and then screen shared her screen and went through the Dashboard-backend of my Website and showed me how to get into the front page and make changes. It was so simple, and she took enough time with me so that I could write down notes. She was amazing and easy to understand. I would highly recommend.

~ Elizabeth Hughes-Callsion,

Curious about how WordPress Coaching works?

Here’s the general overview:

We’ll have a strategy session call to figure out what the best coaching option is for your specific situation, needs and goals.

You’ll receive a follow up email with the things we talked about and an invoice to pay for your coaching package. 

Once payment is made, you’ll receive access to my calendar to schedule your first coaching session so we can get started!

Click on each module below to get a full description and pricing:
Module 1: Branding - The Personality of Your Business
Set the branding for your business!

This module walks you through choosing your logo, colors and fonts that you will use on your website and any other graphics that you choose to create for your future marketing.


  • Two ½ hour coaching sessions using video conferencing
  • Branding workbook
  • Unlimited email support between coaching sessions

Investment: $97

Module 2: Create Your Basic Website
Create your WordPress website that you learn how to make changes to and maintain it yourself. Yes, websites do need maintenance just like cars do. It’s kinda like giving it a monthly tune-up. But breathe easy – it’s a two step process that I’ll show you how to do!


  • Four hours of coaching sessions using video conferencing
  • Unlimited access to the recordings of your coaching sessions (5 videos)
  • Unlimited email support between coaching sessions

Investment: $767*

*Domain name and hosting plan purchased separately ~ $66 for one year through Siteground

Module 3: Secure and Connect
Add the extras to your website like security features, protection against spammers, and a contact form to connect with your visitors.


  • Two hours of coaching using video conferencing
  • Unlimited access to the recordings of your coaching sessions (2 videos)
  • Unlimited email support between coaching sessions

Investment: $297

Module 4: Get Google Ready
Add basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to your website and get it all set up. Don’t let the big name fool ya – all that means is when people go to Google to search for what you have to offer, it will make it easier for them to find you.


  • One hour coaching session using video conferencing

Investment: $97

Module 5: Offer a Freebie and Build Your Email List
Add a free opt-in or invite visitors to sign up for a newsletter or updates. Then, connect it to an email service provider like MailChimp or MailerLite. This will start building your fan base of people who want to hear from you on a regular basis and are the people you want to help with your services!

Investment: $97

Personalized Video Tutorials
For Modules 2, 3, 4 and 5 all coaching sessions will be recorded – because, let’s face it, we can’t remember EVERYTHING and sometimes need to go back and get a refresher.

You can get unlimited access to the recordings for any of these modules you have completed for just $97 per module.

Already have a WordPress website but need to learn how to make changes to it? This option is for you!
WordPress Help

Learn to make changes to your existing website yourself so that you don’t have to hire a web designer or spend hours searching for YouTube tutorials on how to do it.

There are two options for getting WordPress Help:

  • $47 for a 30-minute coaching session
  • $97 for a 30-minute coaching session plus unlimited access to a personalized video tutorial for the session.
Since there’s only one of me, spots are limited for the one-on-one website Yoda experience.
So if you’re having the thought, “Yes! Sencery help me! I NEED this!” – then click on the get started now button below to take the first step on your Branding to Booyah journey!

Are you just starting your new business adventure and want to get the website part knocked out?

Is building your website starting to feel like the red-headed stepchild of your new business venture?

Do you want to “Do It Yourself” without drowning in a sea of information and tech overload?

When you think of trying to have a DIY website, do you experience any of these emotions?

Yeah, so did I when I tried to build my first website in 2013.

But guess what? YOU don’t have to continue feeling that way!

All of those things basically come from one root issue - FEAR of the unknown *cue scary music*

Let’s make the unknown known - take away the mystery - that’s what WordPress Coaching is all about!

Will you create the wording on my website for me?

Copywriting ~ creating all the words to go on your website ~ isn't part of what these coaching packages include. These packages are  more of tech-based help. However, if you already have things written that you want to put on your website, I could help you go over it and edit it.

For that type of help, the best bet would be to have a separate 30 minute coaching session to work on that aspect of your website together. You can find more information on that on the "Give Me Tailor-Made" page.

What if I don’t have all the content written yet for my website?

No worries! We will use something called dummy text to copy and paste into the places where you will want text so you can still see what it will look like. Then you just replace it later with what YOU wrote.

What if I don't have all of the pictures for my website yet?

I have some resources for free images that I will teach you how to use. Then you can always change out the pictures later on as needed!

What if I'm not sure what package is right for me?

Not a problem! Before any package is selected, I always have a 15 minute free strategy session call with you so that we can clarify what your needs are and make sure that you get a package that fits you perfectly.